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You’re a Time Wizard, a fresh graduate that just landed a job at a corporate dungeon. Your task: find out why the goblins tasked with guarding the treasure hoard are trying—and failing— to defeat heroes while they’re on the job. You’ve got only one day to meet with the goblins and find a solution to their problems… but what’s one day to a Time Wizard?

Dungeonomics is a light-hearted fantasy visual novel, where you navigate a variety of dialogue trees to solve the problems of the various goblins you’ve been tasked with helping. Question the goblins, learn about their personalities, and help solve their conflicts so the dungeon can return to being an efficient killing machine!
Features include:
- Six unique goblins, each with their own problems to solve.
- Travel through time to reset conversations as if they never happened—and keep the information you learned along the way!
- Journal system keeps track of information at your disposal as you navigate through dialog.


dungeonomics-win.zip 51 MB
Version 1 Apr 19, 2019


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Had a lot of real fun with this one! Thank you very much for sharing it, you've clearly put a lot of work and love into it! 


Thank you for playing our game, we're really happy you like it!